Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Speedster

Mum's companion.

Above: Speedy is always inquisitive when it comes to new smells! I expect he was quite disappointed to find out the camera lens wasn't to be consumed!

Above: Speedy is assuming position no. 1, relaxation. For information (no.1 being position most assumed):

Position no. 2 = please take me for a walk (i.e. following you around everywhere & being nosy every time you get up to do anything).

Position no. 3 = is that food for me? (i.e. every time you go into the kitchen or rustle paper or eat).

Position no.4 = Walking & smelling & marking territory (position assumed when actually out for a walk).

Position no.5 = Hello, please give me a hug and some attention & thank you for visiting me (saved for visitors).

Position no.6 = Crazy & energised. This position can be assumed in the time it takes to click your fingers. Usually followed by position no. 1 immediately after stopping the craziness!

Position no.7 = I'm jealous of you two hugging each other - I think I will get in on the act! Don't you dare leave me out!

There are several versions of each position, but these are the basics.

Hello Ma!

Mother at home & away!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009