Saturday, 31 May 2008


Several hours activity today (up at 4am) yeilded goldfinch (adult and juvenile), juvenile greenfinch, blue tits and great tits at my trainers house.

A couple of hours rest and a trip to Priory Country Park followed where we ringed the blue tits in boxes 18 & 19 out of 20. The baby blue tits that remained in the nest (4 in one & 6 in the other - they can start with 10 or 11) seem to be doing much better now - they suffered during the rain as the adults struggle to feed them. The Blue Tits in Box 20 seemed doomed (2 dead last time we checked and those alive were too cold). The bottom also fell off the bottom of the box - lucky the nest didn't fall out.

After the nest boxes was a trip into town along the embankment where I was looking for swans with colour rings - I found 6 out of approximately 54 birds (impossible to check all of them). Here is one of them:

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Emu said...

I have just fed a lesser spotted Wookiee but it flew away before I could get the ring on its leg (!). The blog is great - I am definately learning more about birds and may well be asking if I can use this with my class in September!

Lots of love from your favourite nearly sister-in-law Claire :-)