Sunday, 21 September 2008

Puzzles are Great!

I've been quite busy with jigsaw puzzles recently as you can see ...

Above: Birds of the Druid Tradition (Owl, Crane, Swan & Wren). It says this on the box: The Druids of ancient Europe saw the islands of Britain as a ver magical place ... they saw themselves as co-existing with their fellow creatures in a relationship of respect. Owls were said to be keepers of wisdom, Cranes were augeries (believing they made letters as they flew). The Swan represented the goddess and the soul and the Wren was most sacred of all. Dryw is the old welsh name for Wren and signifies both Druid and Wren.

Above: National Trust locations and wildlife found at them (including gannets, puffins, little & common terns etc.).

Above: Wildlife of the different seasons.

Above: More wildlife.

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