Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Stag 1

Hi Mark, if you thought the ritual humiliation was over and done with, think again. Here are some of the highlights.

Above: Having caught The Stag on his way to the toilet with a bowl of cereal (in one end, out the other is Mark's way of saving precious time in the morning), he obviously thought it wouldn't be good form, so he shat ... sorry, typo ... sat at the computer instead!

Above: Shaving the stag! Lately, Mark's hair has been migrating downwards (from the top of his head to his chinny chin chin).

Above: Doug kindly organised some food at his pad. The Stag displays his dominance over the pack by showing us how big and uncouth he really is!

Above: The Stag (centre in the double handed teapot pose) and his pack after some quadbiking fun.

Above: The Stag doesn't want to leave the stripping for later. He'd rather get it over and done with early on!

Above: The apes gather!

Above: Go Ape is a treetop adventure for groups of people who like to hang around and Ape it up.

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