Sunday, 8 November 2009

Rest in Peace

31st October 2009, a nice autumn day. My family met at the church in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire to inter the ashes of my Gran, Margaret Doggett (nee Roberts).

My Grandad (Frank Doggett) had already been laid to rest there nearly 2 decades previously. It was important to my Gran that she was laid to rest next to her husband (she had reserved that space at the time of Franks funeral).

My Gran and Grandad moved to Bourton-on-the-Water not long before I was born (I was born 06/01/1979 - so probably in 1977/78) when they retired. They regularly visited the church (see below) and were active members of the local Horticultural Society.

They lived at Stile End - the 'last house on the left' on the road out towards the Rissingtons.

Above: A 'record shot'. A view of the location (see yellow & white flowers) within the Graveyard should anybody wish to find it in the future.

Above: Standing in the same place as the 1st photograph, but facing a different direction, a view of the church. My Grandad was a photographer and took many photographs of churches. As a chartered accountant, during his retirement, he was a treasurer for this church.

Above: Frank George Doggett, Margaret Doggett, Christopher Kiri Doggett and Jane Doggett (born Hilary Jane). This family photo must have been taken in the mid to late 1950's.

Whilst I carried the ashes to the grave, Mark (my brother and youngest of four Grandchildren to Frank & Margaret) placed them in the ground. Other grandchildren: Lissa Olson (born Doggett) and Andrew children of Christopher Doggett. There are also 2 Great Granchildren: Kayla & Chloe, daughters of Lissa Olson.

Frank and Margaret are also missed by other members of close family and friends, including Shirley Doggett (wife of Christopher), Christine Dayman (nee Britton, Margaret's niece) & Martin Britton (Margaret's nephew) and Penny (Vera's adopted daughter). Sadly, Margaret's sisters Kath Britton (nee Roberts) and Vera have both passed away. Frank has surviving relatives including Peter Doggett who now lives near Bolton.

Most of their friends in Bourton-on-the-Water, and elsewhere, have since passed but Margaret and Frank are remebered by, in particular, the Spears family.

Above: Frank George Doggett (1914 to 1990) and Margaret Doggett (1922 to 2009). They are both remembered with a great deal of love.

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