Sunday, 31 January 2010

Call me quackers ..

I got an invite to go ringing at 10am today. Where? I didn't know but I suspected it had something to do with ducks. So I waddled off to meet Errol who kindly took me to Blunham where ducks were in fact waiting, ready to be ringed.

It will be a rare day for me now to get 6 ringing ticks in one day, but that is what happened today. Tufted duck, Gadwall, Mallard, Pochard, Wigeon and Teal.

Above: A male Tufted Duck.

Above: A male Gadwall.

Above: A wigeon

Above: A male pochard

Above & Below: My favourite of the 6 - Teal. It was much smaller than all the other ducks we handled today and there was only the one.

Below: Not a flattering angle of me, but just to prove I ringed a Teal!

Got home & had to wash all my clothes (they smelt of duck muck!).


Errol said...

No gain without pain, sunshine!

Puffin Jane said...

You were yucky, duckie!