Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sandy Smith NR Ringing Demo 21/07/10

I've helped on ringing demo's before but I organised and delivered my first demo on Wednesday. We didn't catch many birds (4) but one made up for at least 10 that we didn't catch!

A big thanks to all who attended the ringing demo put on by Errol and myself at Sandy Smith Nature Reserve. A special thanks to The Greensand Trust, Liz Millbank for helping organise and Steve Squire for mowing the path & the photographs. I hope you all enjoyed it - I certainly did.

Total for the evening:

Whitethroat 2 (1 adult and one juvenile) - a site speciality. The juvenile was one I had caught earlier (just out of the nest) & it's primary feathers had grown a further 9mm in 10 days!

Kingfisher 1 (juvenile) - this more than made up for the lack of other birds!

Song Thrush (juvenile) - this was as we were taking nets down in the fading light. Sorry if you missed it!

Above: An adult kingfisher has crayon red legs, this juvenile has dark legs on top.

Above: The flash of blue that is normally seen.

Above: Here I am taking a wing measurement.

I have ringed kingfishers before (3 I think and handled several more) but this is the first kingfisher I have ringed on my own rings.

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