Saturday, 7 August 2010

Horace the hog

Above: Horace

The plight of 'Horace the hog' is a sad one affecting many hedgehogs this summer. Many are struggling to find enough food during the nighttime so are venturing out in daylight in search of food.

Happily, due to the kindness shown by Alison and family, this story ends well. A young Horace was discovered in bright daylight and was taken in and given a drink. However, he wasn't quite out of the woods yet as he was still ill. A trip to the vets and it was discovered he still hadn't been weaned by Mrs. Hog but all was safe as they knew just how to deal with that.

Master H.Hog will be released back into the wild soon with a better chance of survival.

Above: Horace & adoptive family.

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