Sunday, 25 July 2010

Willow Warbler

This morning I joined Errol & Davey on a visit to Priory Country Park.

Above: The highlight for me was this juvenile Willow Warbler. This is a species of bird that has declined dramatically over the last decade or so and I don't get many chances to ring them. Thanks to Davey for the photo.

Local birders are starting to report an increase in sightings, meaning that Willow Warblers are beginning their migration out of the country.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sandy Smith NR Ringing Demo 21/07/10

I've helped on ringing demo's before but I organised and delivered my first demo on Wednesday. We didn't catch many birds (4) but one made up for at least 10 that we didn't catch!

A big thanks to all who attended the ringing demo put on by Errol and myself at Sandy Smith Nature Reserve. A special thanks to The Greensand Trust, Liz Millbank for helping organise and Steve Squire for mowing the path & the photographs. I hope you all enjoyed it - I certainly did.

Total for the evening:

Whitethroat 2 (1 adult and one juvenile) - a site speciality. The juvenile was one I had caught earlier (just out of the nest) & it's primary feathers had grown a further 9mm in 10 days!

Kingfisher 1 (juvenile) - this more than made up for the lack of other birds!

Song Thrush (juvenile) - this was as we were taking nets down in the fading light. Sorry if you missed it!

Above: An adult kingfisher has crayon red legs, this juvenile has dark legs on top.

Above: The flash of blue that is normally seen.

Above: Here I am taking a wing measurement.

I have ringed kingfishers before (3 I think and handled several more) but this is the first kingfisher I have ringed on my own rings.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Have a ganders at this

We did a Barnacle Goose roundup at Roxton today. We also rounded up a couple of Greylags and several Canada's (both of which ended up as ringing ticks for me).

Above: Me with a Canada Goose.