Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Falconry Day

In between Christmas and New Year, I spent a gift voucher given to me for an 'activity day' flying birds of prey at The Falconry Centre at Shuttleworth (Old Warden) in Bedfordshire.

I got fly a number of species and see some others close up (sat on my gloved hand). The day started with some owls.

Above: This is a Scops owl called Shaun.

Above: This is a Carribean Barn Owl called Lunar (different from our Barn Owls in that ours are white on the front).

Above: Then came a BIG Bald Headed Eagle.

We flew a Kestrel and a Harris Hawk before lunch. After lunch we flew the Bald Headed Eagle and ...

Above: A Chilean Eagle.

We also flew 2 Harris Hawks from tree to tree. The nicest of the 2 was Rolo (yes, named after the chocolate). A small drama ensued when one of them, after landing on the ground, decided to perch on the shoulder, and then head, of one of the ladies who had also come along for the day. It was quite comical in the end and no harm was done to the bird or the lady.

Above: Before we left, we got a short talk about this Andean Condor. We got to hold a few Eagle Owls and finally - quite possibly the best bird of the day -

Above: A Lanner Falcon.

An enjoyable day. I can see the appeal in being a falconer, but for me, I would want to do as a hobby for my own pleasure and not as a job and that doesn't seem right to me. I'll be leaving Falconry to other people.

I do prefer the wild birds more!

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