Monday, 27 May 2013

An Unseasonal Theme

In keeping with the weather of late, here are some photographs from 22nd January that I've been able to restore. Having booked the day off work to get some ringing in at home, I was outside when I heard some trilling. I looked around for the expected waxwings but didn't see them, that is, until I looked on top of my house! So I ran for the camera...

Above: Waxwings

Above & Below: A Waxwing on my roof!

Okay, so I exaggerated a little when comparing the weather to today's warm and very blustery, unsettled conditions but this weekends ringing activities resulted in 2 poor catches. We're starting to see the effects of last years rain fest on the return (or lack thereof) of migrant birds and how the early spring weather has severely delayed the breeding season.

So I'm allowing myself the pleasure of sharing these photographs with you. 

Above: Waxwings in the bush opposite my house.

Above: Waxwings in a tree opposite my house.

I didn't get to ring any as they disappeared pretty quickly, but I did get to ring a few Fieldfare...

Above & Below: A Fieldfare in my garden in the snow.

It had come for some of the apples I had put out but found a Blackbird successfully defending the apples to allcomers!

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