Sunday, 29 March 2009

Getting to grips

There is another reason these tyres will be good - for us ringers. With any luck, when the terns nest, they will use these tyres. When we go out to the island to roundup and ring the terns this year, although we will still have to tread carefully, it should be easier to locate and replace the chicks back in the same location.

Above: Place sections of turf/soil carefully around the tyre to soften the view. Then repeat the whole process until you have run out of tyres.

Above: A long job requires sustenance. I didn't bring lunch along with me so I ordered takeaway pizza!

Above: The final product close up.

Above: A good spread - we had lots of room to play with here and have 12 tern tyres. Terns do nest quite close together, so if this experiment works, we may well roll out more for next year!

Mark has vowed to do a study into which make of tyre works best, goodyear, michelin, pirelli - I think it's all an excuse to get a pirelli calender!

I don't know about you, but I'm tyred (Broom Broom!) of all the puns.

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