Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hard Graft

The Tern raft needed some repairs. I said "you're having a girraft if you think I'm helping you turn that thing over." But they didn't, and we did, twice, so here is the story in pictures and captions!

Above: Matt and Steve placing the polystyrene scientifically!

Above: Securing the polystyrene with chicken wire. No chickens were hurt during the making of this!

Above: After Terning the raft back over, we put the gravel back on, attached perches (it's all in the details) and got the anchors on board ready for the journey.

Above: A boat powered by Matt & oar, towed us along by one corner while Steve used a spade to take a square raft into deeper waters! How did we ever get it out there without mishap! I just increased the drag in the water so I could take photographs!

Above: Finally, we anchored it and left. No sooner had we left it than the cormorants found it and started drying their wings in the sun! AKA Steve (left) and Mark (Right).

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