Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Swiftly does it!

The Emplins in Gamlingay is a 15th century house. It is a very charming building and this is where a certain species of bird decides to nest each year - in the loft. A couple of hours rooting around in the lofts avoiding gaps, squeezing around, trying not to put a foot through the ceiling and generally getting very hot. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the flies and a bees nest that sent us back the way we came (very quickly!). We had 17 young (including a few adults - 1 a retrap from last year) from the loft. Outside, the nets were up and 3 swifts were caught.

Above: A swift. Their claws really dig into you!

Above: That swift has a huge ugly wart attached to it. I wonder how that happened! About a minute after this photo, I got the ugly wart off and the bird flew away, unharmed. Oh, and it was a new species for me (number 45 I think).

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