Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tuesday 1st July 2008

This day was notable for two reasons. Firstly, I was given a present (the WLO RSPB badge in my earlier post) and for a new species to add to my ringed list.

I was at Broom Gravel Pits where we have been ringing common terns for the last few weeks (including black headed gulls). We were on the island & was looking carefully for tern chicks. Mark Thomas had already found a dead Redshank juvenile but there was an adult flying around swearing at us. It was particularly vocal around where I was standing - so I looked around very carefully - unsuccessfully. So, with common terns in hand, I went to put them in their basket when Mark suddenly asked for somebody to grab that Redshank chick that was about to start wading into the water. Half a step and a long reach later I had a redshank chick in my hands!

It was as cute as they come - very small still but with huge dangly legs! I had to be very careful when putting the ring on but with that done, I released it so that it could go on its merry little way! There is no photograph because I did not have the opportunity to take one (the birds welfare comes first).

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