Monday, 25 August 2008

Birds By Thorburn Jigsaws

These Wentworth 250 piece jigsaws take 4 or 5 hours from beginning to end. The edge pieces are a challenge as straight edges can also be found in the middle of the jigsaw. Potentially, there are no corner pieces - this is the case most of the time. There can be corner pieces - but again, it can throw you because 'corner pieces' can be found anywhere in the puzzle (including in the middle of the edge). The whimsies also make it interesting. These puzzles are certainly not the type of puzzles you would do if you wanted to methodically work it all out!

Above: Goldcrest, Wren, Dipper, Nuthatch etc.
Below: As above but with whimsies taken out

There are only limited numbers of Jigsaws with birds by Thorburn, and I think I have them all - with one left to complete (cuckoos, hoopoe & bee-eater).

Above: Waxwing, Golden Oriole + Flycatchers
Below: As above but with whimsies taken out

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