Sunday, 10 August 2008

Otmoor Nature Reserve 26/07/08

While my Dad was in Italy, I had his car & on Saturday 26/07/08 I went back to Gloucester for a 'quick visit.' I have been planning for a while to stop of at Otmoor Nature Reserve (nr Oxford) with my dad & this was a 'recce'. It was a really nice place - well worth a visit (despite the intense heat). The first bird I saw was only my second ever turtle dove. I heard it 'purring' as soon as I stepped out of the car. Later on I saw my 3rd ever Turtle Dove (see photo below). The other main highlight was a Brown Hare (see photo below) that sat just 3 metres from me!

Above: A great spotted woodpecker at a feeding station.

Above: One of my favourite birds, a common tern (no rings on it)

Above: The Brown Hare

Above: You can just about tell that this is a turtle dove and not a collared dove! I'm surprised the photo is this good as it was at it's zoom limit.

Above: A relaxed Speedy (my mum's Whippet).

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