Sunday, 10 August 2008

Wash Wader Ringing Group Mini Wash Week 2

Wash Wader Ringing continued.

Again, for the same reasons, we had to hide under a tarpaulin for nearly 2 hours. I was more comfortable this time because I led on my back. Unfortunately, I missed the birding spectacle unfolding in front of me because I wasn't allowed to look (doing so would have scared the birds off). At one point there were 5000 Knot on the island + Dunlin + Oystercatcher.

Above: Knot (top) and Dunlin (below) fly past while we are ringing their friends!

Above: A Knot in summer plumage

Above: A Knot in winter plumage

Above: Dunlin in the keeping area.

Above: Me with a Dunlin in the hand.

I plan on going again (depending on available transport!). It was a very enjoyable weekend & there are many species of Wader I want to catch up with! See my 3rd WWRG post for a few more photographs.

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