Friday, 15 May 2009

Menorca birds 3

Some of the photographs I took of birds in Menorca.

Above: This female House Sparrow was scouring the local cafe for food, straying close enough to me for this photo.

Above: At the northern end of the Algendar Gorge 7 (including the four in the photograph) Egyptian vultures were visible.

Above: This greedy male House Sparrow is begging for food (obviously has been fed before & is used to approaching suckers like me ..... I fed it ... after I took the photo!

Above: On review of this photograph, I was surprised to learn this was of maura race (siberian) stonechat (note the deep white half collar & white upper tail coverts).

Above: This yellow legged gull came for its lunch, but went away with an empty belly (I guess it could see there was no food in the bowl ... sorry, I mean bin.

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