Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Menorca Landscapes Part 1

Not in any particular order:

Above: A 5 minute drive from where we stayed is Addaia - a port with stunning views as shown above. Many of my photographs don't do it justice but you would pay good money to live here! One suspects that those with real money stay here with somewhere to moor their pleasure yachts!

Above: The port in the Capital - Ciutadella. One large ferry, one small but DEEP port! This must have been the car ferry returning from Mallorca.

Above: The Salines de Montgofre. At the other end of the Addaia inlet and with more stunning views, this was a great place for birding! Several wader species collected here with great views of Black Winged Stilt (between 10 & 15 here alone). The picture actually shows the salt pans that are no longer in use.

Above: Arenal D'en Castell. The apartment we stayed in is in the middle at the top.

Above: Algendar Gorge. You can probably make out lots of small holes in the rock in the photograph above. These holes are where, what I can only assume were, HUNDREDS of House Sparrows & nests. I would bet this is one of the largest house sparrow colonies in Europe! The gorge is definately a great place for birding. It is filled with vegetion and opens up onto the south coast & is therefore perfect for funelling those migrant birds! Redstart, Blue Rock Thrush, Pied Flycatcher, Egyptian Vulture among some of the species to be seen here.

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