Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Other Menorcan wildlife

On my wanderings I found other wildlife.

Above: Fish congregating and jostling for position to be next up the pipe (connecting the sea the rest of the inlet - there was, I assume, an artificial barrier to regulate water levels for the salt pans that are now disused).

Above: In Britian, you usually know Water Voles are present on waterways because you hear the 'plop'. This was Menorcan version only much louder for obvious reasons! I was lucky enough to creep up on this from behind - it only became aware of me when I got too close trying to get an even better picture!

Above: The colour of this frog came out really well in the photograph - I was able to get really close to take the photo. It was 1 metre up from the ground - I doubt it hopped into that high!
Above: This pair of butterflies took my interest while trying to refind a Night Heron that had flown in this direction. A look upwards here also got me my first alpine swift.
Above: A funny looking beetle.

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