Sunday, 22 June 2008

2 New Gull Species Part 1

Today (22/06/08) has been a long day. Thankfully it didn't start early (as most of my bird ringing does). A respectable 9.30am pick up time. A few hours later I was at a lovely place in Norfolk near Kings Lynn where The River Nene & The Great Ouse come out into the washes. A quick lunch, a short & amusing drive with locked gates (& no keys), humongous pot holes in the tracks and bemused walkers wondering how 4 cars could be found in a place cars aren't supposed to be! The view was good.

Above: You can just about make out the destination point in the middle of the horizon.

Above: Using the zoom, this is the destination point. It is in the shape of a Doughnut to collect water for piping elsewhere and is supposed to be a Ted Heath initiative. No surprise it didn't work out! It is now home to a huge colony of Lesser Black Back & Hering Gulls. Gulls are too big & boisterous for other birds to call this place home tweet home!

Above: The mud we had to walk through to get there!

Above: A gathering before we invade the island!

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