Tuesday, 24 June 2008

They'll Tern me mad!

Tuesday 24/06/08. After a 10 mile cycle ride to Broom Gravel Pits (briefly following a Jay near my house), I ringed some Black Backed Gulls and some Common Terns. An enjoyable evening with a 10 mile cycle ride home (taking in a view of a little owl).

Above: A Black Headed Gull juvenile (note the poop on my trousers - a common occurance).

Above: A juvenile Common Tern that has started getting its 'grown up' plumage.

Above: The 'creche.' You can compare the juvenile Common Terns side by side. The older one on the right & the younger one on the left. The one on the left is still in the camouflage stage while the one on the right is growing its proper feathers.

Above: The rings I put on this bird. On the right leg, the BTO ring (silver) is above the white ring. On the left leg, the dark blue ring is above the yellow ring. This uniquely identifies this bird if somebody sees it somewhere else in the world while in the field! You can compare this to another common tern I ringed and posted the photo (to compare, check other posts including the archive at the bottom of the page).

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