Sunday, 22 June 2008

New Gull Species Part 2

Above: This is what the gulls do when you invade their breeding area!

Above: Gulls in the air (because of the strong winds, the gulls did not waste much energy flapping about - the wind helps them hover (well as near as).

Above: The surprise of the day. An Eider duck more commonly found much (much, much, much) further north than Norfolk at this time of year. Maybe I will get to ring one sometime in the future (too good to resist taking a photo though).

Above: Part of the colony (adults and juveniles) before the round up begins.

Above: What can this be? A ring? It even has an inscription on it! Fancy that. I think I recognise my hand too! Must have been the first Lesser Black Backed Gull I ever ringed then.

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