Sunday, 15 June 2008

Plovers Jigsaw

Another Wentworth Jigsaw started and completed. This time it was Plovers - Thorburns Birds. The previous 2 were also Thorburns Birds design.

Above: The completed jigsaw with all the 'whimsies' taken out & put to the side.

Above: 2 of the 'whimsies' - an owl sitting on a branch with the moon behind its head and a pair of binoculars!

Above: I think - but I am not entirely sure on this - that all the Wentworth Jigsaws with 'whimsies' have the Wentworth Rabbit as one of them.

Above: 2 more 'whimsies'v- a flying bird and the head of a lapwing.

Above: The finished puzzle with box.

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