Friday, 13 June 2008

Wentworth Jigsaws

These Wentworth Jigsaws are made in the Victorian fashion. Made from wood, rather than cardboard (or whatever it is these days), the shape of the pieces are unconventional. There a lots of straight pieces - not just on the edges but in the middle of the puzzle too. There are no traditional corner pieces either. This does not make the puzzle easy - but neither is it super hard.

Then you add in the 'whimsies'. These are pieces cut into specific shapes (in the case of the puzzles shown here there are mostly birds/animals). The original Victorian puzzles also had these in.

If you have seen the rest of my Blog, you may have guessed (or already know) there's a strong bird theme going on! Most of my interests involve feathery friends and despite the fact that, in total, the puzzles only took a few hours to complete, I really enjoyed completing them. I am certain I will enjoy completing them again in the future too.

Above: Bottom left - Coal Tit. Bottom middle - Crested Tit. Right middle - Blue Tit. Left middle - Great Tit. Top Right - Bearded Tit. Top middle/left - Long Tailed Tit. Top left - Marsh Tit.

Above: Most of the 'whimsies' have been taken out and placed to the site. The whimsies include a squirrel, butterfly, a barn owl (that looks more like ET with wings), acorns, swift and snail.

Above: a close up of the squirrel, acorn, pheasant (?) and a perched bird (?) - all taken out of the puzzle.

Above: Two more 'whimsies' included in the photo. A house and a candle (?).

Above: Two Wentworth Puzzles next to each other. I am particularly drawn to the Long Eared Owl (left puzzle, top left). I have recently seen a Bearded Tit at Minsmere (RSPB reserve well worth visiting more than once!). I would like to see a Crested Tit and I would love to ring a Coal Tit. I think these are acheivable targets!

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