Saturday, 14 June 2008

Friday 13th June 2008

Unlucky for some, but I had a great day! Earlier on in the week I ringed my first Garden Warbler (GarWa - ringing terminology). Well I've now ringed my second GarWa. My trainer would say that it's quite a boring bird really (Scientific name Sylvia borin), but I would say that it's just your ordinary garden variety LBJ (little brown job). There are many (and I mean many) types of Warbler to get confused with and without going into detail, the GarWa is chunkier than most others.

Above: The GarWa in my hand! I let it go soon afterwards, job done ... until next time we - or maybe somebody else catches it :o)

Above: A juvenile Chiff Chaff with a shiny new ring on. These rings are very light weight so as not to affect their survival.

Above: A fist full of chiffs. All 3 juvenile Chiff Chaffs (including the one photographed above) caught in the same part and same side of the nets therefore all were from the same brood. 2 more new juveniles were caught later on in the morning.

Above: A juvenile Great Tit. Please note the yellow cheek panel. This indicates a juvenile - adults would have a white cheek panel. This bird was a retrap - i.e. it already had a ring on it. We hadn't caught this one in the nets before, so where did the ring come from? It was one of our rings. In fact, I think I remeber having seen this bird before. Puzzled yet? I'm not - it came from bird box number 3 (we ringed the juveniles while in the nest box). If you would like to see nest box number 3 (and the brood of Great Tits inside) look at my first ever post on this site 21/05/08! I have no way of knowing whether the Great Tit being ringed by my trainer (Errol) is the same one as in the above photo (would be a nice coincidence though!).

Above: The best bird of the day! A Lesser Whitethroat (LW). As with the GarWa, this is only the second LW I have ever ringed (first one being nearly 2 years ago in Gloucester). It was a very 'tatty' male - i.e. he was working very hard to keep himself, his mate & probably some juveniles fed. And all this after travelling thousands of miles to get here!

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