Sunday, 15 June 2008

Terns & Gulls Part 1

Today (15/06/08) saw me cycling about 12 miles to get to Broom Gravel Pits where a group of us invaded Peacocks Island. We were aiming to catch a load of Black Headed Gull and Common Tern juveniles (and whatever else happened to be around).

Above: Peacock's Island

Above: All at once, the adults jumped up into the air as soon as they saw a boat with three people in it coming directly towards them! They all started calling & many stayed up in the air & making a racket for all the time we were there. Well, they were upset!

Above: One of my finds - a Black Headed Gull juvenile. It was hidden in amongst the ragwort/thistles etc that were growing on the island. A lot of the birds were difficult to spot.

Above: One lucky ringer got to ring this juvenile Oystercatcher. Not me :0(. Another time perhaps.

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