Saturday, 14 June 2008

It's my Tern

This weekend should tern (ha ha ha) out to be very interesting one! I forget which species of bird I first ringed, but a Common Tern chick was one of the first. The first bird I ever held in the hand was a Reed Bunting.

Today, 14th June 2008 I was out at a local country park where we took a boat out to the island. This is the same island that we ringed Herons & Cormorants back in March. There is a Tern platform at the end of the island. Here is what we found (Common Tern chicks & eggs):

Above: Two eggs amongst the gravel (put there because Tern's like nesting in gravel

Above: 4 common tern chicks (there were 7 in total + several eggs). Their mottled colour (seen from above by predators) helps them blend in with the stones/pebbles that are their normal nesting sites.

Above: Standing tall and proud, staring possible danger (why would they know we mean no harm) straight in the face! Defiant.

Above: I am holding one of the little darlings in my hand.

Above: The smallest one is in danger, crouching, near the edge of the platform. I rescued it and made sure it was safe before we left.

Tomorrow should be full of gulls! I am going to a local gravel pit to ring (hopefully) some new species that sould include a Black Headed Gull. More to follow.

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